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I've never laughed so hard in my life.. .
We've got ex-state trooper Todd Jones for police chief over in Providence. And he's busting all the dope dealers balls left and right. All the Providence druggies are terrified of him. Loosing sleep because they are having nightmares about him kicking their doors in.
Now we got ex-state trooper Billy Braden hired in as police chief of Sebree. He's getting ready to do the same thing in Sebree as Todd Jones has done in Providence. Man this is great.. . lol.
Yeah.. . all you Sebree dope fiends are in big trouble now because Billy Braden takes shit like this real serious. I guarantee he knows more about what y'all are doing than what you do know your selves.
I bet he's watching all of you real close but of course being as though y'all are so stupid you dont know it. Billy Braden is liking his chops like a mean ole pitbull wanting a big bone just getting ready for you to screw up so he can nail you real good.
Yeah buddy. You better watch your back real good due to the fact you're already screwed.. . but you just don't know it yet.. . lol.
You bunch of good for nothing low life dope dealing bastards. Im going to make sure I buy me a Providence paper every week. And when Billy Braden busts all of y'all ( which he will) I'm going to sit there and drink my Dr. Pepper and eat my bologna sandwich and look at your stupid inbred looking mugshot pics and laugh my ass off.
And if any of you food stamp selling dope dealing assholes don't like it.. . THEN PACK YOUR SHIT UP GET IN YOUR RAGGEDY VEHICLE AND GET THE HELL OUT OF WEBSTER COUNTY! ! !

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Yep. Looks like Billy Braden has been busting them okay. Good thing Sebree had got him. Wonder who will be the next ones he brings down.
I hope he busts all the druggie creeps.

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